Uncertainty over GCU catering jobs as uni scraps contract

Catering staff at Glasgow Caledonian University will lose their jobs by Christmas following sudden cuts to their contracts.


Catering staff at Glasgow Caledonian University will lose their jobs by Christmas following sudden cuts to their contracts.

GCU chiefs made the decision to end Cordia’s catering contract in October 2015, and the plans were finalised last month.

The contract is due to end on December 15 and 69 GCU staff members are unsure where they will be placed.

The staff work for Encore, a sub-company of Cordia, and work in coffee shops and cafeterias on campus.

Cordia informed its staff their contract would end in December 2015 but it was extended to 2017 before the catering cuts.

It is unknown whether staff will be transferred to another company or go on Cordia’s displaced list, but they will find out next week.

A hospitality worker at GCU, (photo: Martin Shields)

Cordia is an arms-length company of Glasgow City Council, and staff believe they will be given new jobs wherever the council places them.

This could include home care, hospitals, schools and elderly care homes.

Sandra Irvine, 52, was hoping to retire next year but she is reconsidering over pension fears.

“I’m in a state of shock and don’t know what to think,” she said.

I will lose my pension if I don’t get another job with the council and have had to freeze my pension at the moment — which is extremely worrying.”

June Healy, who was nominated for Encore Employee of the Year in 2015, said: “I don’t know if I will be relocated because the union isn’t telling us anything.


I have worked here for 20 odd years and don’t know how to apply for another job or write a CV.”

All of the cafeteria staff are like a family. Most of us have been here for over a decade so it will be sad for us to be separated.”

People expressed their anger over the catering cuts via Twitter.




A university spokesperson said: “Some of the catering staff have been working in the University for over 25 years and GCU wishes them the best of luck in their new jobs.”

Gerry Milne, chief financial officer and vice-principal of infrastructure at GCU, said: “I thank the Cordia team for their contribution to staff and student life on campus, and I have faith the university’s new catering services will meet expectations.”

GMB Scotland is demanding GCU principal Pamela Gillies to put an end to staff job uncertainty before Christmas.

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