One third of Glasgow schools and nurseries affected by janitor strike

Almost one third of schools and nurseries in Glasgow have been affected by janitor strikes over alleged unfair pay this week.


Almost one third of schools and nurseries in Glasgow have been affected by janitor strikes over alleged unfair pay this week. 

The janitors have been targeting their protests at Labour councillors during the five-day strike at the City Chambers as part of their continuous dispute with Cordia. 

Cordia, a branch of Glasgow City Council, is refusing to pay a Working Context and Demands Payment (WCDP) to school and nursery janitors. 

However, Unison, which some janitors are members of, argues its staff are owed this money. 

A Unison Glasgow spokesman said: Janitors have to do arduous tasks such as lifting heavy objects or cleaning up sick and we believe they deserve a fair wage for this. 

Strike action began on January 19 with janitors refusing to do tasks including heavy lifting, litter picking and weeding.

The janitors have taken 24 days of industrial action since March 2016.

Photo: Unison

A janitor at the strike on Wednesday said: “I think me and the other janitors across Glasgow have just reached the point where enough is enough.

We’ve been slowly heading towards an official strike since January by boycotting certain tasks such as cleaning up leaves and snow — and it has peaked now.”

A headteacher from a Glasgow primary school said: “One of our windows has been broken for almost a week now and there is no one to fix it — there are also a lot of general maintenance tasks to be done in the school.

“In saying that, we believe our janitor deserves a better wage so the school supports the industrial action this week.” 

The council and its sub companies give bonus payments to employees who do jobs that are unpleasant, involve heavy lifting or working outside. 

Photo: Unison

There are five types of WCD payments ranging from just over £500 to more than £1000. 

A spokeswoman from the council said schools and nurseries would operate with “minimal disruption” this week. 

She added: “There are about 65 janitors on strike – so just under a third of Glasgow’s 300 schools and nurseries have been affected.

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